Pet Insurance FAQ

Pet Insurance FAQ

Do You Recommend Pet Insurance?

Medical expenses, especially unexpected accidents and illnesses, can add up. Just like for humans, pet insurance is a good way to mitigate unexpected costs. 

When do you recommend getting pet insurance?

While there’s no one set time to get insurance, the younger your pet is, the better is typically the rule of thumb. No pet insurance companies will cover pre-existing conditions. If you have a breed that can be prone to certain medical conditions, it may be better to get medical insurance earlier in life.  

Which Pet Insurances Do You Take?

Pet Insurance works a bit differently than human insurance. We don’t work specifically with any one insurance. After your visit, you submit your claim to your insurance company and they will reimburse you based on what your plan covers.

The one exception is Trupanion Express. We can file your claim in our office and receive and answer back in about 5 minutes. The insurance company pays our office directly and you only pay the difference at the time of service. 

Do you Recommend A Specific Insurance Company?

There are several different Coverage varies from company to company and plan to plan. Some plans only cover accidents and illnesses, while others offer wellness plans that cover routine visits and services. We recommend comparing multiple plans to see what coverage works best within your budget. Is a great resource to compare different plans.